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History & Culture of the Airstream

History and Culture of the AirstreamIf you have ever wanted to own a piece of modern art, owning an Airstream travel trailer is the next best thing. The "silver bullet" was originally inspired by an airstream fuselage back in the 1930's. It's unique polished design has never gone out of style. In fact, nearly 100 years later it is more popular than ever before.

Airstream is known for its unique floor plans and ability to create original, limited editions that often hold their value. They feature LED lighting, wireless sound systems, flat screen entertainment systems, blackout curtains, laminate flooring, modern kitchen designs, oversized wardrobes, large showers, convertible seating and queen size bedrooms, ducted quiet stream AC systems along with solar ready energy packages.

The Airstream is considered an icon of American camping culture and today, thousands of people call them their full-time home. In fact, there are several Airstream Only RV Parks such as the Minnesota Airstream Park in Clear Lake, Minnesota. This 80-acre park offers 125 member-owned, Airstream focused spaces. Eastern Arizona is also home to an Airstream Only RV Park. Ponderosa Shadows is a 55 and over private social club where members purchase lots and park their new or vintage Airstream in the White Mountains. It doesn't take long to realize that Airstream Owners are a passionate group of RVers. They are known for giving their trailers fun pet names like " The Silver Twinkie" and "Wheeled Toaster."
History and Culture of the Airstream Airstream was the "brain child" of Wally Byam. The Stanford graduate loved to travel and built his first trailer off a Model-T chassis back in 1929. From there, he kept tinkering and in 1930 opened his first tiny factory in Culver City, California. Wally kept moving his company forward, even through the nationwide depression that forced many of his competitors to close. During the second World War, Wally and his employees joined the war effort and helped make aircraft for the U.S. government. This experience made Wally's trailers even better. He now had everything he needed to design his iconic "silver bullet," a trailer that would stand the test of time.
In the 1950's, Wally took his show on the road, organizing Airstream caravans all over the world. From South America to Europe, spectators lined up to see his shiny flying saucer with wheels.
In 1969, Wally Byam died, but his creation lives on. In the 1970's Airstream went through its first real redesign embracing rounder edges and the now famous luxury interior. Today, the trailer is made in Jackson Center, Ohio, and the company is owned by Thor Industries, the largest RV maker in the world. The team in Jackson Center, Ohio produce 50 travel trailers each week and are surprised by the increased and continual international demand.
Today, Airstreams are a favorite boondocking choice for RVers who want to live off grid. Many Airstreamers add solar panels, large water tanks, and no flush toilets which enable campers to stay in out of the way locations.