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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about RV Insurance? We can help! Browse our frequently asked questions to find an answer. Or call 1-866-646-1755 to talk to one of our RV Insurance specialists. They're on-hand to give you all the RV Insurance assistance you need and find the right coverage for your RV.





Q: Who is RVInsurance.com?

A: RVInsurance.com is an RV insurance agency specializing in matching RV insurance owners with the right RV insurance protection at the right price. Our highly-skilled, licensed RV specialists understand the needs of RVers and can provide you with rates from up to three leading carriers who offer specialized RV coverage. RVInsurance.com provides specialty RV insurance to Rvers in every state except Massachusetts, Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. You can get a free no-obligation RV insurance quote online or by calling us at 1-866-646-1755.

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Q: How do I get an RV insurance quote?

A: You can get a free RV Insurance quote online at RVInsurance.com or call 1-866-646-1755 to speak with an RVInsurance.com agent. Our RV Insurance specialists will provide you with rates and coverage options from as many as three leading carriers in the RV insurance industry to get you the coverage you need. Whether you call or go online, your rate won't be any different. However, when you call, an RVInsurance.com specialist can answer all of your questions to help determine the best coverage that fits your needs.

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Q: How long does it take to get an RV insurance quote from RVInsurance.com?

A: Getting an RV Insurance quote online is quick and easy and takes less than 10 minutes. After you complete the quote form, you can purchase the policy online. Or save it, and you or an RVInsurnace.com agent can retrieve it later. Start your free RV insurance quote online today!

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Q: Am I putting my RV or motorhome at risk by trying to cover it with an auto insurance policy? Why?

A: Yes, if you're trying to protect your RV with insurance coverage that's suited for a car, then you're putting it at risk. The fact is, auto insurance is not designed to fully protect RVs and motorhomes. RVs have unique needs that only specialized RV Insurance can cover. It is the most secure and economical way to cover an RV or motorhome!

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Q: My RV is currently insured through my auto insurance company. Do I have to wait until my current insurance policy expires?

A: No. You can switch your coverage at any time. Your current insurance company will refund any paid premium, subject to applicable fees, and your new specialized RV Insurance coverage can begin immediately.

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Q: Can I bundle my RV with my tow vehicle or automobile insurance policy?

A: Yes, your tow vehicle or tow-behind vehicle can be on the same insurance policy as your RV. We even offer a multi-vehicle discount!

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Q: How can I get the best RV insurance rates?

A: Your RV insurance rates can be impacted by several factors, including the cost and type of RV (motorized or non-motorized), the registration state, and your experience operating an RV, just to name a few. While you can't really control those factors, there are things to consider when shopping for RV insurance, such as bundling your auto(s) on the same policy. Most carriers provide a multi-vehicle discount when your vehicle and RV are written on the same policy. This can be one of the most significant discounts offered by insurance carriers!

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Q: What types of discounts can I expect when getting a specialized RV insurance quote?

A: Discounts vary by carrier, state, and specific profile, but rest assured, RVInsurance.com will make sure you receive every possible discount available. Many of the carriers we work with offer a discount for:

  • Including one or more vehicles with your RV.
  • Completing an accident prevention course.
  • Being an experienced RV operator.
  • Paying your policy in full.
  • Having anti-theft devices.
  • Being the RV's original owner.
  • Not having any at-fault claims with your RV during the policy periods or accidents or violations in a given time period.

There are plenty of other discounts available too!

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Q: Are my personal belongings inside my RV or motorhome covered?

A: Yes, it's called personal effects coverage, and some carriers include up to $3,000 in personal effects coverage at no charge, provided comprehensive coverage is purchased. You will always have the option to buy additional personal effects coverage to meet your needs. Personal effects coverage protects non-permanently attached assets within an RV like jewelry, personal electronics, clothing, etc.

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Q: Am I protected if there is an accident outside my RV and my equipment is damaged, or someone is injured?

A: You're protected if your policy is equipped with vacation liability coverage. Please check with an RV specialist at RVInsurance.com to make sure you have the right RV or motorhome insurance coverage.

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Q: How do I know if I have the right protection for my RV or motorhome?

A: The RV Insurance coverage you need depends on the type of RV you have and your state insurance regulations. The best way to determine if you have the right coverage for your RV or motorhome would be to complete our quote form online or reach out to an RVInsurance.com specialist at 1-866-646-1755.

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Q: Do I have to pay for insurance on my RV or motorhome when I'm not using it, like during the off-season?

A: Canceling your RV Insurance during the off-season means your RV won't be covered if anything happens to it while in storage. However, you understandably don't want to pay your full premium when the RV isn't in use. Fortunately, there's a solution: If you don't use your RV year-round, our carriers offer an in-storage option. When you're ready to store your RV, simply call your insurer to turn it on during the off-season! Then, you'll continue to only pay for comprehensive insurance, which protects against theft, fire, hail, etc. All other coverages will be halted. These storage savings could easily save you hundreds of dollars per year!

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Q: Does RVInsurance.com handle RV and motorhome claims?

A: No. Your RV or motorhome insurance claim can only be filed with your insurance carrier. Insurance providers available through RVInsurance.com offer 24/7 claim service, and some even offer a claims service satisfaction guarantee, where you'll get money back if you're not satisfied with the service you receive during a claim. RVInsurance.com helps customers find the right coverage for their RV, but they do not handle or process insurance claims.

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Q: Are there any types of RVs or motorhomes that RVInsurance.com can't insure?

A: Our RVInsurance.com specialists can help you get the right RV insurance for just about any kind of RV or motorhome you drive. The most common examples include Motorhomes: Class A (diesel and gas), Class B (Van conversion), Class C (mini-motorhomes); Trailers: Conventional Travel Trailers, 5th wheel travel trailer; Pop-up campers, Airstream Trailers, Truck Campers, Toy Haulers, and Horse Trailers.

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Q: What if an accident leaves me stranded while traveling, and my RV or motorhome needs to be towed?

A: Many carriers automatically include an emergency expense allowance in their RV policies which pays specific limits for temporary living and transportation expenses as well as the cost of returning the RV home. Plus, you can usually add more coverage than what's included — even if you're a full-timer. Call one of our RV specialists at 1-866-646-1755 for more details.

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Q: What about my pets? If they're injured in an accident, will my specialized RV or motorhome insurance cover them?

A: Pets are part of the family, too, and many carriers provide pet injury coverage at no extra charge. So, if your dog or cat is injured while riding with you in your RV or motorhome (or even during a fire or theft), some carriers would pay up to a specified amount to help with veterinary bills.

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Q: If my RV or motorhome is on the same insurance policy as my tow vehicle and I'm involved in an accident where both vehicles are damaged, do I have to pay two deductibles?

A: With RVInsurance.com, you'll have access to specialized RV and motorhome insurance providers who won't make you pay two deductibles in instances like this. An RVInsurace.com RV specialist will gladly talk to you about the specific details of your policy.

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Q: Can I protect my RV against depreciation, especially if it is "totaled?"

A: The best protection against depreciation in a total-loss claim is to purchase replacement cost coverage (also called total-loss protection). This coverage will provide you with a new RV if yours is totaled or stolen. We can also provide you with coverage for your permanent attachments (awnings, generators, etc.) which will provide you with the full replacement cost in the event of a loss — not a depreciated amount.

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Q: What is the difference between actual cash value (ACV), agreed value, and replacement value?

A: Most RV specialty carriers offer different levels of physical damage protection if your RV is involved in a total loss (totaled). Here are the key points to consider when selecting coverage:

  • Actual Cash Value: This is the most basic level of protection and pays out a fair market value based on what the RV was deemed worth immediately before the event, so depreciation is taken into account. All else being equal, ACV offers the least amount of coverage, with the lowest premiums.
  • Agreed Value: Agreed Value is a protection option offered by some RV specialty carriers for specific RV types. Agreed value policies can offer a greater level of protection by allowing you (the insured) and the insurance company to agree on a set price. In the event of a total loss, the insurance company will pay out that agreed-upon value. All else being equal, compared to ACV, Agreed Value offers a higher level of protection but carries a higher premium.
  • Replacement Value: Full replacement cost coverage offers the highest level of protection — it is the RVer's greatest safeguard against depreciation. For example, let's say you purchase full replacement cost coverage for a 2020 Class A motorhome you bought for $150,000. In the event of a total loss (occurring in 2021), you can expect a comparable 2021 class A motorhome from the same manufacturer, model and series. All else being equal, replacement cost carries higher premiums than ACV or agreed value but with much greater protection.

If you're not sure which level of value makes the most sense for your RV, give us a call at 1-866-646-1755. One of our RV insurance specialists will help you determine the best option for you and your RV.

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Q: Am I eligible to purchase full replacement cost coverage?

A: Each carrier imposes specific guidelines for full replacement cost coverage (sometimes called "total loss replacement"). Some common restrictions are:

  • Model year: Carrier requirements can vary, but typically the model year must be within the last four or five model years.
  • RV value: Restrictions apply on RV's over $500,000.
  • RV type: Some restrictions exist by carrier on semi's, bus conversions, pop-ups, and toy haulers.

If you are interested in full replacement cost coverage and have questions, an RVInsurance.com specialist can fully explain every option available to you. Just give us a call at 1-866-646-1755.

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