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The Airstream

Airstream Airstream trailers range in length from 16 to 34 feet, although just about every size has been available at some point since the 1930's. The most popular Airstream is the Bambi, which is the tiniest trailer in the lineup. This lightweight trailer weighs a mere 1,850 pounds and offers a variety of floorplans that can sleep up to four guests. The most common floor plan features the Airstream’s classic panoramic bay-style window in the front of the trailer.

Airstream is known for its unique floor plans and ability to create original, limited editions that often hold their value. They feature LED lighting, wireless sound systems, flat screen entertainment systems, blackout curtains, laminate flooring, modern kitchen designs, oversized wardrobes, large showers, convertible seating and queen size bedrooms, ducted quiet stream AC systems along with solar ready energy packages.

Compared to other types of recreational vehicles, Airstream owners enjoy advantages like:
Ultimate in modern design - If you like sleek interiors, then the Airstream trailer may be for you. While most RV's offer outdated decor, the Airstream appeals to all ages with it's crisp, clean lines and sensible style.
A Variety of Floor Plans - Believe it or not, an Airstream is configured in 100 or more ways! Bunk beds, office space, panoramic windows, galley kitchen, back kitchen, front bedroom, back bedroom, big dining, no dining, there is literally an Airstream floor plan for everyone.
High Resell Value - Airstreams of all ages are incredibly popular and easy to resell. With that said, all RV's drop in value the moment you take them off the lot. While Airstreams maintain their initial value at a greater degree than other travel trailers, they should not be considered a real estate investment like a house.
Lightweight and Easy To Pull - Airstreams look heavy, but are actually lightweight and easy to pull, which means you can pick and choose a tow vehicle that is right for you. Small Airstreams can be towed by SUV's or large cars instead of trucks. The choice is up to you, but always check the total tow weight on any combination of vehicle and trailer you plan to own. (Before you buy it)
Easy To Park - Most owners agree that an Airstream is easy to park in both back-in and pull-through spaces. Many owners even choose to live off the grid and tow their rig to very remote places.
Low Maintenance Costs - All RV's have continual maintenance concerns. As an owner, it is important to reinvest in your unit from new batteries to new seals, updated furniture to tightening the rivets. Be assured there will be an expense, but in most cases, Airstreams are on the low end of the maintenance scale.