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The 5th Wheel

The term 5th Wheel refers to a coupling located in the back of a truck’s bed where the trailer and rig connect. The additional wheel allows the trailer to rotate while remaining connected to your vehicle. In a 5th Wheel, the trailer hangs over the truck bed creating extra living space.

5th Wheels range in length from 20 to 45 feet and are usually 8.5 feet wide. Typically, 5th Wheels are made from aluminum siding or nowadays, fiberglass. The 5th Wheel features the most slide outs of all RV types, boasting a huge variety of floor plans for short term or full-time living.

Compared to other types of recreational vehicles, 5th Wheel owners enjoy advantages like:
A Taller Interior - Most modern 5th Wheels offer plenty of headroom and are especially appealing to taller guests. Inside ceilings can be as high as 9 feet in the center of the rig and 8 feet on the slide outs.
A Shorter Combination - When a trailer is attached to the bed of your vehicle, the overall length of your rig is compressed, which allows the RV owner to travel with more living space - without going over a state's maximum towing length.
More Private Area - Many 5th Wheel floorplans allow for two bedrooms and even two bathrooms, which can offer some much needed personal space often lacking in other RVs.
The Most Floorplan Options - The 5th Wheel truly offers a floorplan for just about everything your heart can imagine!
Park and Detach - Owning a 5th Wheel means you don't have to move your home to go to the store! Simply park your rig, detach from the truck bed, and your truck becomes a fully functioning vehicle.
Personal Choice In Vehicle - Owning a 5th Wheel allows the driver to choose nearly any truck. As long as your truck is rated for the weight of the 5th Wheel, the choice is up to you. It isn’t uncommon to see a king cab, dually, or even a gas model truck pulling a 5th Wheel RV.
Multiple Slides - 5th Wheels offer more slide out space than any other type of RV!
Big Basement Storage - Storage is king in an RV, and 5th Wheels offer increased basement space for storing things like toys, tools, and outside furniture.

Because of these extensive features, 5th Wheel RV Owners are held to a strict set of rules and regulations, including:

  • Size Limitations. There are often size restrictions for the overall width and length of a 5th Wheel. In the state of Mississippi, for example, the total length of a 5th Wheel cannot exceed 53 feet.
  • Passenger Safety. Passengers are forbidden from riding in 5th Wheels in most states.
  • Rules of the Road. Driving safety is a high priority, and many states require 5th Wheels to use a safety chain and separate braking system. Some states also require a fire extinguisher to be carried at all times.
  • Towing Safety. Triple tow trailers (your 5th Wheel pulling an additional trailer) are only allowed in a handful of states.