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5th Wheel Rules, Regulations, & Disadvantages

Here are some of the disadvantages you will deal with when owning a 5th wheel.

You can't access your living space while on the road. A Family camping together must remain in the vehicle while on the road. There will be no quick runs to the fridge while you travel.
Access is limited if slides are in. Many RVers complain about the fact that with the slides in they cannot access their rigs bathroom. This complaint is a standard concern, and it's important to check your living access with the slide outs in before you purchase your rig. Free overnight parking is available in every state, but many parking lots will require you to keep your slide outs inside. If you can't access your bed and bath, you may be in for a big surprise!
The more significant the 5th wheel, the larger the truck you will need. It's easy to get excited about a 5th wheel with multiple slide outs and a full-size fridge until you have to pull it. Large trucks can be very expensive, and it is easy to underbuy to save money.
You lose your truck bed when traveling. Once you connect your 5th wheel, the back of your truck is full. If you hoped to carry a motorcycle or boat, the loss of space could be frustrating.
You can't tow a car. Fact is, trucks are rarely fuel efficient. Without a small car, you may spend more than you intended on gas. Unfortunately, most states prohibit triple tow, which means your truck becomes your main around town vehicle.
Expensive when new. 5th wheels can cost upwards of $200,000 with the average being $125,000. When you add the cost of a $60,000 truck into the mix, this RV option can be expensive.
Have to watch your overall weight. 5th wheels have weight limits. Be sure both your rig and your tow vehicle can handle everything you intend to bring. (Don't forget, water weighs a lot. Traveling with full tanks will immediately add to your weight issues)
Sway. 5th Wheels are big, and when the wind catches them they can sway and fishtail. Most RV owners recommend sway bars and investing in aftermarket suspension upgrades.
New tires needed. Plan to buy new tires. 5th wheels are notorious for using cheap tires that pop soon after the purchase of the RV.